The Town of Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone – Small Town
Population: 5,000 – 10,000

Dragon Stone is a newer town in that it has been around for maybe 35 years now. It sprang up quickly starting as a tent city but the tents were quickly replaced by wooden buildings. The wooden buildings are slowly being replaced by stone buildings as a defense against the Orc and other beast raids. The main street has paving stones along its length but the rest of the streets are a packed dirt that turns muddy when the weather warms up and the permafrost starts to melt. It is surrounded by a wooden wall that is reinforced by stone. It has two gates into the city one along the west wall and the other along the east portion of the wall. In the center of the town is a stone keep in the process (60% done) of being built. You can see the signs of repeated attacks against the walls and the surrounding areas.

The town was built in response to the discovery of the ancient city of Varnadigis in the north western portion of the Anauroch Desert. Trade comes up from Cormyr skirting the Evereska, cutting through the north eastern jut of the High Forest and north west around The Silver Marches onto Icewind Dale. There it joins the trade route south to Never Winter and Waterdeep. Trade from Varnadigis joins this new route once it is past Evereska and turned towards the High forest. Gold and silver are the major resources traded along with furs and some unique herbs and spices found only in this frozen area.

Some prominent buildings of the town are:

Bucket of Blood Tavern
Proprietor – Janiel Moosedrunk Level Half Elf, Male Level 15 Fighter and former Adventure.
Wait Staff – Gemma, Daughter of Janiel, Gilenna, Daughter of Janiel, Salona, Daughter of Janiel and Krema Moonfeather.
The Bucket of Blood Tavern is the largest of the buildings in the town. It also stands out in that it has been made of stone, blue stone. The interior; Dark wood bar with a dark wooden paneling on the walls. Lighter wooden floor covered in saw dust. Booths line the walls with tables in the center. There is a great fire pit in the middle of the room and a fireplace on the back wall. Mid level lighting with some dark corners. There are 4 private booths. There is one level above the bar that has the rooms for rent. There are 10 rooms that will hold 2 people, 4 that will hold 4 people and 1 that can handle a large party of people.

The Town of Dragon Stone

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